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Lychee Dumplings With Pineapple Sauce Recipe #DumplingsWorldwide

What is Lychee? A lychee is a rare sub tropical fruit originating in South China where the lychee is very important in their culture and is famed as "the King of Fruits".

The lychee fruit is about 1 to 2 inches in size, oval to rounded heart shaped and the bumpy skin is red in color. Once you peel the skin off, the crisp juicy flesh of a lychee fruit is white or pinkish, translucent and glossy like the consistency of a grape, but the taste is sweeter. Lychees have a sub acid sweet taste and have a wonderful freshness to them that is hard to describe. Lychee fruit is high in the antioxidant Vitamin C and the essential mineral Potassium.

Lychee trees are beautiful hardwoods that can grow 20 to 40 feet tall in a primarily dome shaped habit of growth with dense, evergreen leaves.
Lychee trees are popular landscape trees in South Florida and other areas of the southern U.S. and container, atrium or greenhouse growing of lychee trees is becoming popular throughout the rest of he country.

Lychee trees are grown commercially in the US for the highly sought after fruit in primarily South and Coastal Central Florida where it is warm and there is some winter chilling, but little or no risk of hard freezes.

Lychee Dumplings With Pineapple Sauce Recipe



- 12 fresh lychees, peeled and de-seeded
- 500gm / 1lb potatoes baked and peeled
- 125gm / 4 ozx butter (softened)
- 50gm / 1/3 cup semolina
- 1 whole/egg
- 7gm / 1/2 tsp salt
- 100gm / 2/3 cup palm or brown sugar
- 100gm / 2cups grated coconut
- 100gm / 2 cups flour
- few drops red food colouring
- icing sugar and mint leaves for garnish


Mash and put potatoes in a bowl. Make a well in the centre. Add butter, semolina, 1/2 egg white, egg yolk, salt. Mix well. Stif flour into texture. Knead into smooth dough and chill for 15 minutes. Fill lychee cavities with brown sugar made wet with a little water. Roll out dough 3mm thick on a floured board. Cut into 12 10-cm squares. Put stuffed lychee on each square and fold over corners to form a triangles. Seal edges. Boil water with salt. Lower dumplings gently and poach for about 15 minutes until they rise to the surface. Remove with a slotted spoon and refresh in cold water. Heat remaining butter in a pan. Add grated coconut until crisp. Roll dumplings in coconut and sprinkle on icing sugar. Garnish.



- 15gm / 1tbsp heaped, cornflour or cornstarch
- 20ml / 4 tbsp Kirsch
- 50gm / 1/2 cup sugar
- 400ml / 1-2/3 cups pineapple juice
- 100gm / 1/2 cup crushed pineapple


Dissolve cornflour in Kirsch. Bring pineapple juice, sugar and conflour mixture to a boil and stir continuously until thick. Add crushed pineapple. Serve with dunplings.

Source: Rambo Ong@1Tropical.com

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